How to do your own Maine Lobster Bake

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How to do your own Maine Lobster Bake
Every summer people gather around the grill, toss on a few hot dogs and burgers, and enjoy the sunshine. I say mix it up! Do something different that is just as satisfying. Throw your own Maine Lobster Bake!

A lobster bake is a relatively easy thing to do, but the key is to use fresh Maine seaweed. When using fresh seaweed, the water pockets will burst keeping everything moist and adding natural salt to the food. Use the following recipe for a traditional Maine lobster and clam bake. Enjoy!


INGREDIENTS (Serves 6-8)
6-8 lbs. Clams
6-8 Lobsters (1 1/4 lbs. each)
6-8 ears of Corn
1/2 dozen Eggs
**Rockweed Seaweed
Melted Butter

Cement blocks or rocks
Metal Trash Can with lid (cleaned)
Small stones for bottom of trash can

  1. Prepare fireplace using cement blocks or rocks. A metal trash can with cover, lined with approximately 2 inches of stone, provides for a simple and convenient means of preparing a small 6-8 person Downeast Bake.
  2. With an abundant supply of dry wood, start the fire and establish a good base of hot coals.
  3. Cover stones in bottom of container with salt water (sea water or salted fresh water).
  4. Cover with 3 inches of fresh seaweed. Cover with fresh clams, which have been washed in cold water and wrapped in cheesecloth or an onion bag. Allow 1 lb. of clams per person.
  5. Cover with seaweed. Add 6-8 lobsters and cover with seaweed.
  6. Before adding corn, carefully pull back husk and remove silk! Fold back a couple of layers of husk. Add to bake and cover with seaweed.
  7. Lay eggs on top, place cover on container; weight with rock if loose fitting.
  8. Place container over fire and cook for 50 minutes after steam starts coming out from under the cover.
  9. Have melted butter, lemon, salt, chips, beer, and appetite ready when bake is opened up. Gently open container, being careful of steam, check eggs, one at a time, to see if they are hard boiled. If so, all under layers are cooked!
Comments: Do not pack any of the layers tightly as this will prevent the steam from circulating freely. For larger bakes, a 3-foot to 4-foot square steel plate (3/8-inch to 1/2-inch thick) would be required. This is set on cement blocks and food added before starting the fire. Layering of food should be accomplished as described above, and then covered with a canvas tarp or aluminum foil to contain the steam. Cooking time is, again, 50 minutes after steam is up.

Caution: If additional water is needed, pour in along side of container or directly onto the steel plate. Do not pour over top of bake as this will cause “cool down” and prevent or delay cooking.

** We recommend 20 lbs. for a small bake and 40 lbs. for a larger bake.
(Please add used seaweed in your compost pile!)


Date: 6/20/2012
Jeff M
<div>Would like to do a Clambake fundraiser. Approximately 100 people. How big of steel plate would I need? 4 X 8? and do you just use cinder blocks to hold the steel above the fire and lay rock weed on the steel plate and put food over that with canvas?</div> <div><br><div> <div>Any Help would be appreciated.</div> <div><br><div> <div>Thanks.</div>
Hi Jeff,

The 4×8 steel plate should be big enough. We suggest using cinder blocks, but lay foil over the steel. Doing this will not dry out the rockweed.

If you are looking for rockweed, please contact us and we would be happy to supply you with the amount you need.

Please feel free to ask any more questions regarding lobster/clambakes. Best of luck, and we hope your fundraiser is a success!
Date: 8/11/2016
Chris S
I am going to order some rockweed for a clambake at home. If I order it now how long will it be good for (does it dry out quickly after shipping)? Thanks!
Date: 8/11/2016
Chris S
I am going to order some rockweed for a clambake at home. If I order it now how long will it be good for (does it dry out quickly after shipping)? Thanks!

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